About WOST S.A.

the Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski Steelworks launched the business in June 2016, as successor of producing traditions respected both in polish and global market of hot rolled goods. The company possesses over 200 years of tradition, handed down from generation to generation. The profession of metallurgist belongs to tardition in Ostrowiec, bequeathed by a father to a son, and it is reflected in:

  • the experience of many generations
  • command of traditional rolling methods
  • good metallurgic praxis

The years of experience in the field of rolling mills processes, as well as knowledge and tradition, reinforced by up-to-date concept of business managing, make WOST S.A. a valued partner in steelworking industry. The offer of WOST S.A. is adjusted and complemented in accordance with demand of domestic and global market.

WOST S.A. provides:

  • equal angles sized 60×60 mm to 200×200 mm graded S235, S275, S355
  • unequal anles sized 70×50 mm to 250×90 mm graded S235, S275, S355
  • T- bars sized 100x50x8,5 ; 100x100x11, 120x120x13, 140x140x15 graded S235, S275, S355

Profiles and t-sections produced by WOST S.A. fit PN-EN norms in within the full scope of dimension, grade and durability evidenced by a proper metallurgical certificate along with CE certificate. The certificate confirms that the WOST S.A. goods are produced of high quality steel and fulfil all resilience conditions, thus guarantee a goods of high quality.