WOST S.A. is a successor of metallurgic industry tradition in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.

We mainly produce hot rolled angles, destined primarily to be used in both steel and traditional construction. All of them are exploited as a crucial element to construct steel halls, bridges, and power line crossings. Therefore, the steelworks are defined as hot rolled angles and t-bars of the highest quality only.

WOST S.A. stands for terminable execution of orders, products consistent not only with clients’ expectations but also with domestic and european patterns, as well as ecological and efficient production process technology,.

is traditional rolling technology and pernamently newly appearing investments, optimization of production cost and full control of production in accordance with certifying process.


  • Employees and staff experience
  • traditional production line and rolling processes
  • bidirectional rolling mills
  • wide range of offer
  • steel products of high quality
  • cooperation flexibility
  • products-rich stocks available for clients