The transportation platform

WOST S.A. pursues a clear Transportation Service System in order to facilitate cooperation.

Cooperation with road haulage operators

WOST S.A. willingly establishes business relations with efficient road haulage operators from all over the country.

We search for credible and honest business partners. We offer enduring and pernament cooperation based on clearly defined rules.

Taking part in an auction or a competition stands for a possibility of establishing fruitful and pernament cooperation, signing long-term contracts, lucrative for both of the parties.

How to make a transport offer?

Haulier, who wants to engage in constant cooperation with WOST S.A. should log in to our transport website:

In order for you to have full access to Transportation Service System you should:

  • conduct a full website registration
  • attach documents, such as: NIP, REGON, KRS, updated OCS/OCP insurance

We offer registration help, technical and content-related suport: Mariusz Międlar: 695270697